Did you know vegetable glycerin is one of the most common ingredients when it comes to vape juice blends? Not only is it colourless, but it’s also very viscous. This organic compound acts much like a dilute or filler and in terms of nicotine, acts very well as a base for any flavour concentrates. For a number of years, vaping brands have been creating their own e-liquids using vegetable glycerin and here at Vape Hedz, we thought it was time that we made the search for quality glycerin much easier.

vegetable glycerin wholesale

Create Your Own Brand
Instead of scouring the World Wide Web for quality VG that’s functional and safe, we’ve created our very own brand that’s guaranteed to provide you with the quality you’ve been looking for. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can guarantee you’ll find ours to be of the very highest quality possible.

Wide range of sizes to purchase
VG is often chosen to dominate within a vegetable and propylene mix thanks to its low toxicity and denser consistency and our Vape Hedz VG doesn’t disappoint. Our VG is available in 500ml bottles, 1 litre bottles and larger, bulk sized 5 litre bottles (or as part of our e-liquid mixing kits). For larger quantities of vegetable glycerin check out our sister company chemdistro.co.uk.

Our glycerin is all USP grade and bottled within conditions pertaining to strict health and safety codes. If you’d like more information on our products we have available, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team are on hand at all times to offer help and advice on any one of our products, including our quality VG.